the game will be ‘future-proof’

Over the past few weeks, the number of rumors related to what will be the heir of Grand Theft Auto V has taken a sudden surge, mainly due to a single insider.

Specifically, it is Tom Henderson, a voice that has become increasingly known within the videogame universe, thanks also and above all to the correct previews related to the reveal and the characteristics of the new Battlefield. With the arrival of summer, the insider has shifted his attention to the activities of Rockstar Games and in particular to the long-awaited, but never announced, new chapter of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Among the many indiscretions proposed by Henderson, the forecast of a map of GTA 6 in constant evolution and transformation found space. Starting from this rumor, the leaker has proposed an interesting reflection, linked to the possibility that the next one could be, 11 years after GTA 5, the last episode of the Rockstar Games series. With a live-service structure, the software house could in fact simply decide to offer post-launch support even more structured and rich than what has been proposed in recent years for GTA Online, with the aim of making the title “the game to test. of the most epic future of videogame history “.

With, according to Henderson, GTA 6 coming no earlier than 2024, the wait to find out more seems to be still long. In the meantime, there are also fake leaks on the horizon, among which an alleged map of GTA 6 has also found space. The latter, as you can verify at the beginning of this news, was however made by a simple enthusiast, who has now revealed his work.