the gap in sales is very similar to PS4 and Xbox One

Sony has confirmed that it has managed to place 10.1 million PlayStation 5s since the launch of the next-gen console last November. It would be interesting at this point in its life cycle to make a direct comparison with the direct rival Xbox Series X | S.

The sales data of Microsoft consoles are not in the public domain, since the Redmond giant has now stopped sharing them for some years. In any case, it would seem that Mat Piscatella, a well-known analyst at NPD Groud, is well aware of the trend on the market of the two consoles from November until today.

According to what Piscatella reported through his Twitter account, the gap currently existing between PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is very similar to what was created in the same period of time since the debut between PS4 and Xbox One. During the last generation the Sony console started with a decisive advantage over its competitor and the gap became wider and wider over the years.

It therefore seems that, at least in these early stages of the ninth generation of gaming, the PlayStation brand is managing to do better than Xbox. However, it should be emphasized that Microsoft focuses heavily on its services in its strategy in the videogame sector, and in April more than 10 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers were counted. It is also difficult to sum up when the serious logistical and production problems persist that are limiting the sales of both consoles.