the Holy Roman Empire challenges the British in one hour of gameplay

After showing off the potential of Age of Empires 4’s 1vs1 multiplater, the developers of Relic Entertainment have deployed the British and Holy Roman armies to give life to an intense battle that has materialized in over an hour of gameplay.

The challenge kept busy the members of the Balance Team to whom the Canadian software house has entrusted the very delicate task of optimizing and, if possible, perfecting the play experience, the progression of activities and the complex balances on which the entire content scaffold rests. of the new strategic blockbuster by Microsoft.

Between cavalry charges, stronghold sieges and management phases, Relic streaming allows us to familiarize ourselves with the gameplay mechanics and observe the incredible work done by the North American authors to infuse character and uniqueness to every Civilization present in AoE 4, from building structures in the different eras to the single units deployable on the field.

The launch of Age of Empires 4 is scheduled for October 28 on PC, with immediate arrival in the Xbox Game Pass game room. At the bottom of the news you can admire a second video focused on the Holy Roman Empire, but for a more in-depth analysis on the layered play, content and historical ecosystem of Relic and Microsoft’s RTS, we invite you to read our special on Age of Empires 4.