the horror series resurrects in a notable fan film

While the rumors that Konami’s IP would be ready to return to action on PlayStation 5 seem to be subsiding – at least for the moment – the creation of the Silent Hill series is honored by a group of talented fans.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of Silent Hill 2, the production group Bad Frequency Productions has in fact decided to make an original short film inspired by the imagery of the saga. After releasing several trailers over the past few months, the authors have finally made available the complete work, officially dubbed Silent Hill: Road of Guilt.

The short debuted on Dazx79’s YouTube Channel, completely free of charge, and can be viewed directly at the opening of this news, complete with English subtitles. The protagonist of the story brought to the screen is James Sunderland, played for the occasion by Leigh Torne. In an attempt to clarify what happened on the banks of a river, the man alternates the memories of a psychiatric session with Dr. Finch to a desperate journey. Below, the references related to those who collaborated in the making of Silent Hill: Road of Guilt:

  • Writer and Director: Leigh Thorne;
  • Director: Ruben Abreu;
  • Costumes: Dax79;
  • Soundtrack: NEVER AGAIN;

What do you think of this fan made production?