the huge update has a date on PlayStation and Xbox!

The long wait suffered by Terraria fans for the console launch of the huge Journey’s End update is finally about to end. The ReLogic team faces social media to announce the date on which the final update of Terraria is expected to be published on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Originally launched on PC in May of last year, Terraria Journey’s End introduces an exorbitant amount of content, improvements and optimizations to the already rich sandbox in pixel art created almost a decade ago by Andrew Spinks and managed, since then, to exceed 35 million. copies sold.

Once Journey’s End is downloaded, all explorers of the colorful dimension of Terraria on PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S will be able to battle a new host of monsters and face even more deadly bosses. The highlight of this generous update, however, is represented by the more than 1,000 unique items implemented in the layered system of construction, evolution and crafting of Terraria, with countless blocks and lots of new items of equipment to be recovered in original biomes.

Those who want to dig (literally!) Among the contents of this free expansion will have to wait until September 30th and install the update that will officially kick off the Terraria Journey’s End phase also on Sony and Microsoft consoles.