the images of the fan made project with the fake reveal are popular on social networks

The absence of prospects on Titanfall 3 is fueling a singular debate on the forums and on social networks by the community which, frustrated by the apparent abandonment of the series, has decided to “organize itself” and to celebrate in an ironic way fan made works. like the project by artist Nathan Beasley.

The initiatives carried out by fans to spur Electronic Arts and Respawn to revive the Titanfall shooter series are multiplying. The provocation launched in recent days by the redditor xKaqtuz, for example, has won almost 10,000 “Likes” from as many forum users at the sight of the fake Titanfall 3 home screen.

The spontaneous motion of the fans has been affecting all the main social networks for several days and, above all, the official Titanfall subreddit, with many messages shared by those who, between the serious and the facetious, celebrate the “no announcement” of the third chapter of the epic FPS sharing amateur artwork, sarcastic comments and, above all, inspired renders from the Titanfall 3 Fan Project created by Beasley and shown on the pages of his personal ArtStation profile.

The images of the digital artist, published ten months ago, are thus taken up by the community as a pretext to launch this social campaign, putting pressure on EA to restore centrality to this beloved IP. Yet, as recently pointed out by the same exponents of the American company, the final decision on the development of Titanfall 3 would rest only with Respawn.