the Iron Trials ’84 in Pairs is back

Raven Software has released the details of the new Call of Duty Warzone update, initially scheduled for yesterday but made available for download only today.

As you can see by reading the notes published by Raven Software, this is an update that does not really upset the contents of the Battle Royale shooter. First of all, let’s learn about some changes to the balance of the Ghost of Verdansk mode, introduced on the occasion of the holiday season. There are also the classic fixes for some bugs encountered by players in the last few days.

The most interesting novelty, however, is represented by the reintroduction of the Iron Trials ’84 mode, again available in Couples, but also Trios and Quartets within private matches. This is a mode in which players have greater health, and which offers a more varied loot, reduced effectiveness of heart rate sensors and stun grenades, and other small tricks that bring the game closer to a competitive experience.

With the Halloween event, Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War welcomed two movie icons like Scream and Donnie Darko. For a complete report on all the news of the shooter, we refer you to our in-depth analysis on the sixth and final season of COD Warzone and Cold War.