the JRPG with next-gen graphics in a fanmade project

Recently, speculations regarding the remake of Final Fantasy IX, which appeared in the NVIDIA GeForce Now database but never officially announced by Square-Enix, have become more insistent.

Meanwhile the players are waiting for any news, a team of developers and professional artists led by project lead Dan Eder (as well as senior 3D character artist for the recently announced Multiversus) has given life to a small tribute to the game, reinterpreting it as a triple A for current generation platforms.

Made in Unreal Engine 5, Memoria Project is currently not playable, but the authors have promised the arrival of new exploration sequences for the city of Alexandria, along with cutscenes and combat scenes. The common dream of this team of 28 creatives is to see Final Fantasy IX reborn under a modern graphic and technological guise, exactly as happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this way, the team hopes to be able to spur Square-Enix to start the development of an official remake. You can take a look at the results obtained so far with Project Memoria through the video that we have shown at the opening.

Square-Enix has hinted at the future of Final Fantasy IX, but it is not clear at the moment if the Japanese publisher is secretly working on the makeover of the JRPG, as suggested by the GeForce Now leak.