the Kickstarter campaign for the game ‘a la Hollow Knight’ is a smash hit

The interest aroused by the first Crowsworn trailer was a driving force for the Moongose ​​Rodeo fundraising campaign: the sum obtained by the indie software house through crowdfunding on Kickstarter has in fact exceeded by almost ten times the amount initially requested to guarantee the development of the project.

At the time of writing, just under a day is missing from the closing of the Kickstarter campaign and the minimum target of about 85,000 euros, already achieved in the opening stages of Crowsworn’s crowdfunding, was literally outclassed by the over 725,000 euros that rained into the house’s coffers. of Canadian development.

The amount of money obtained by the Moongose ​​Rodeo team will be used to support the cross-platform development of this Hollow Knight-inspired dark metroidvania, with versions intended for fans of the genre on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux) and on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles. The realization of the project, however, will take several months, judging by the long list of content additions foreseen according to the objectives exceeded by the fundraising campaign.

Thanks to funding obtained from the Kickstarter baker, the creators of Crowsworn will introduce the Boss Rush and Nightmare modes, the Court of the Damned arena to fight hordes of enemies, voice acting for dialogue, cinematic scenes for the story, two regions of the map to explore in the endgame phase and the Vlandar Islands as a free post-launch expansion. We therefore look forward to discovering the final figure of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and, above all, to know the indicative marketing window for the metroidvania Crowsworn.