the Kickstarter campaign starts and is already a success

As announced by the top management of UPspec Gaming, the crowdfunding campaign on xScreen’s Kickstarter has begun, and it is already a success: the designers of the portable screen for Xbox Series S only took 20 minutes to obtain the necessary funding to start production.

The fundraising launched by the Australian company will continue until the first half of August, thus allowing the UPspec Gaming team to obtain further funding to ensure the economic feasibility of the project and guarantee its international marketing.

With xScreen, the Sydney-based design collective follows in the footsteps of Sony’s 2001 work with the PS One portable screen: UPspec’s new device adds an 11.6-inch 1080p screen with IPS technology and a refresh rate of 60Hz to Xbox Series S, tracing the form factor to ensure full compatibility. The device, moreover, does not require any kind of additional intervention on the console, such as the use of additional cables and the need to make hardware or body changes.

The screen designed by the Australian company allows the placement of Xbox Series S in both vertical and horizontal position, effectively transforming the “younger sister” of the Xbox Series X into a “portable” console to access the Xbox Game Pass library and all Xbox titles compatible with Microsoft’s new family of home platforms.

Those who participate in the crodfunding campaign can secure an xScreen through a minimum loan of 249 Australian dollars, corresponding to the current exchange rate of around 158 euros. The launch of the device should take place starting from January 2022.