the latest game coming nine years after its debut

It was November 18, 2012 when Wii U made its debut on the US market. Europeans would have waited until the following November 30 before getting their hands on the Wii successor, while the Japanese debut was set for December 8, 2012.

Nintendo’s sixth home console also turned out to be a big commercial flop, having sold just over 13 million units during its life cycle, which ended in early 2017 and then left room for its successor, the Nintendo Switch. On the contrary, the hybrid console proved to be a trump card for the Big N, with Nintendo Switch having over 92 million units distributed. Yet many have never forgotten their unfortunate predecessor, including an indie developer.

Ultra Dolphin Revolution, an indie studio that has long been committed to keeping the previous Nintendo system alive, on the day of the ninth anniversary of the console reveals that a last game is arriving in December 2021 in the United States, Europe and Australia: this is Captain U, a 2D Platform consisting of 9 levels and which can be played both via the TV and through the small screen of the Wii U pad. The sale price is set at 2.99 euros: considering that Ultra Dolphin Revolution is in fact the last studio left to make games, it is highly likely that it will be the final title of Wii U, so as to definitively greet fans nine years after its debut.

During the summer of 2021, fans remembered the 10 years that have passed since the Wii U tech demo of The Legend of Zelda, shown during E3 2011, but which never saw the light as a full game, giving way to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.