the latest mod evolves the graphics of the grass

As evidenced by the incredible Minecraft mod between LEGO and Ray Tracing, the content creators of the blockbuster Mojang sandbox do not stop improving the graphic sector of the title. The latest amateur patch takes action on the scenarios by introducing hyper-realistic weed.

The creator of this new fan made work is NicoRTX, a youtuber specialized in making Minecraft movies with mods that introduce realistic shaders for materials and lighting effects in real time.

Its additional package, downloadable for free from the pages of PlanetMinecraft, distorts the appearance of the grass through the total replacement of the original texture of the relative block and, above all, the implementation of realistic bushes, tufts and shrubs that react dynamically with lighting. and with the passage of the character. All this, of course, has a cost in terms of performance and translates into a significant reduction in the framerate of Minecraft on PC: to mitigate performance problems, the modder also offers “light versions” of the additional package, with textures and small shader size for those who don’t own a high-end gaming PC.

Will this be the graphics that Minecraft will have in the future? We will probably find out very soon, if we want to listen to the advances of the journalist and insider Jez Corden on the two new Mojang themed Minecraft games in development, with works that would have already started in the headquarters and at the external teams of the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary. which in 2020 transformed into Mojang Studios.