the latest update improves AI and interface

A few days after the promotion of director Dinga Bakaba to leader of Arkane Lyon, Deathloop has received a substantial update that improves several aspects.

The main improvements of this update concern the artificial intelligence of the enemies, which should now be more reactive and notice what is happening around them more frequently. As for Julianna’s invasions, some fixes have been introduced that prevent players from remaining inactive or taking advantage of some tactics to avoid the enemy. The update also improves the interface in order to make it more readable and to improve the gaming experience. Finally, we find the possibility to modify the layout of the keys to your liking both on PC and on PlayStation 5. The update also includes a substantial list of fixes concerning bugs, audio problems and glitches that were preventing some players from unlocking the achievements on Steam and trophies on PlayStation.

Before leaving you to the complete changelog of the update, published in the evening on the official Steam page of the game, we remind you that in the course of the day the Original Soundtrack of Deathloop landed on Spotify, Steam, Epic and iTunes.