the launch trailer made by Kojima will mention Guerrilla

After officially unveiling the re-release of Death Stranding at E3 2021, the Kojima Productions team quickly announced the launch date and even the start date of the preload of Death Stranding: Director’s Plus.

Eager to respect the tradition started with the debut of the Sam Porter Bridges epic on PlayStation 4, Hideo Kojima later decided to ask the community if he would like to see a launch trailer edited by the same author in action. The poll, conducted on Twitter, predictably offered a favorable outcome, with the father of the Metal Gear Saga getting down to business as a result.

Well, it seems that the finish line is already very close, at least judging by a recent message shared by Kojima’s official Twitter account. Available directly at the bottom of this news, the twitter shows a shot that immortalizes the Game Director’s monitor. On the latter, on display, we find a screen dedicated to the Tenth Engine, the graphic engine that animates the world of Death Stranding. A reference to the support offered by the Guerrilla Games team is also inevitable: we remember that the engine was created by the software house Sony, which used it for the first time with Horizon: Zero Dawn. This snapshot will most likely find space in the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut launch trailer.

With the addition of a lot of unreleased content for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, many fans are waiting for next September 24, 2021, to (re) immerse themselves in the world of Sam Porter Bridges, this time on PlayStation 5.