the Leaf Village in the Creative Hub

There are now a few hours left until the debut of the crossover event between Fortnite Chapter 2 and Naruto, thanks to which we should witness not only the arrival of four different skins inspired by the most famous characters of the series, but also new in-game content. One of these concerns the Creative mode and was anticipated by a leak.

While the dataminers claim that in the next few days the Kunai will arrive in the game in the form of a mythical weapon, a leak has revealed that the hub of Fortnite’s Creative mode will also be disrupted during the event. As you can see in the image at the bottom of the news, shared by one of the best known dataminers of the battle royale Epic Games, the hub will be redone and will resemble the Leaf Village we saw in the anime and manga series. It cannot be ruled out that this is just one of the many news coming, since the one between Fortnite and Naruto seems to be much more than a collaboration based on skins and in Japan the developers are sponsoring the event everywhere.

Did you know that a collaboration between Fortnite Chapter 2 and The Book of Boba Fett will also arrive in December? We also remind you that in the last few hours the Fortnite servers in China have been definitively shut down.