the Liverpool Safari Zone was a success, there was a giant Snorlax

During the last weekend, the first Pokémon GO Safari Zone was held in Liverpool, an event that was a great success among fans, to the point of pushing Niantic to make a celebratory video.

During the event, which also involved players in the rest of the world through the sale of virtual tickets, almost six million creatures were captured and 372,000 kilometers were covered. About 20,000 fans gathered on the spot, who were able to meet, exchange Pokémon and enjoy the beautiful setting created by the development team. From the photos we can see a huge inflatable Snorlax and a series of Pokéballs, as well as spaces set up for trainers to play safely. Then there was no shortage of animators disguised as Pikachu and Eevee with whom the players were able to take photos to share on social networks and stands where they can buy merchandise of all kinds.

Before leaving you to the movie that shows what happened during the first Safari Zone, we remind you that Slowking di Galar will arrive with the Halloween event of Pokémon GO. It also concluded in the afternoon the Pokémon Hour in the foreground starring Gothita.