the logo spotted at the PlayStation Showcase

Only a few weeks ago, the well-known leaker Shpeshal_Nick had fueled the rumors about the possible arrival of Sly Cooper 5. The Sucker Punch series has been stopped for several years now, and it seemed that Sony had almost forgotten about her … At least until today.

As pointed out by particularly attentive users on reddit, the Sly Cooper logo mysteriously appeared during the global commercial of the PlayStation brand that Sony aired yesterday evening. The video in question, shot in live action with the contribution of skilled performers, was made in order to promote products already present on PlayStation 5 or arriving in the near future on the next-gen console. This makes even more suspicious, therefore, the presence of a reference to the anthropomorphic raccoon never forgotten by the hard core of the PlayStation fanbase.

Sticking to the information disclosed by Shpeshal_Nick, Sly Cooper 5 would already be in development, although there is no Sucker Punch to deal with it, probably committed to expanding the Ghost of Tsushima franchise with a new next-gen chapter, or perhaps returning to the series. by InFamous (whose brand has recently been renewed). Two online retailers also mentioned the name of Sly Cooper 5, only to then remove the references from their pages. At this point we just have to remain in the hopeful waiting for updates from Sony.