the message of designer Jason Ronald

Exactly a year has passed since the launch of the Xbox Series X / S and, while preparations are underway for the Xbox Anniversary Celebration, the designer Jason Ronald has carved out a space on social networks to celebrate this important anniversary.

From the pages of his Twitter profile, the exponent of the Microsoft design team who designed the hardware and features of the Xbox Series X and Series S began his speech recalling how “November 10 marks the first anniversary of the launch of Xbox. Series X / S. Thanks to everyone who has been part of this journey with us. The launch of a new generation of consoles is just the beginning. Thanks to all our team who, unexpectedly, had to work from home and continuously delivering new features and improvements this past year. “

Jason Ronald then turns a thought to the developers and enthusiasts who, with their work and commitment shown, are consolidating the Xbox ecosystem to shape a future full of surprises and satisfactions: “Thanks to developers around the world. for bringing your Xbox visions to life. Your creativity drives everyone to advance state-of-the-art gaming and technology, with universes and experiences unlike anything that has ever existed before. And finally, thanks to our community. you are pushing us to push boundaries to create even more ways for people to play together. “