the Microsoft exclusive has a launch date, day one on Xbox Game Pass

In addition to unveiling the arrival of SteamWorld Headhunter, the guys at Thunderful Games have finally announced a definitive launch date for The Gunk, an intriguing action-adventure coming exclusively to Microsoft platforms.

Initially expected in September this year, The Gunk was later postponed by Thunderful Games, with the software house promising a release later this year. The word has been kept, as the title will be available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One from December 16, so just over a month from today. The title will be available on day one at no additional cost by all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

The game focuses on a pair of space explorers who find themselves on an alien planet plagued by the presence of a corrupting ooze. The game structure will focus on exploration, survival, resource gathering and crafting.
“Meet terrifying enemies and challenging puzzles in your quest to unravel the mystery of a forgotten planet … Will you be able to save it in the process?”, Is the caption with which Thunderful Games accompanies the new gameplay video that you can enjoy at the bottom of the news.

In anticipation of the debut, we invite you to retrieve our Preview of The Gunk. The developers have ruled out that the title could arrive in the future on PS5 or Switch.