the mix between Splinter Cell and Hotline Miami arrives on PC

Today the Steam catalog has been enriched with a new product clearly inspired by some classics of the video game world and which in a few hours is enjoying some success among users of the Valve client: Intravenous.

By the developer’s own admission, the title in question is nothing more than a love letter to the old Splinter Cells and Hotline Miami. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Intravenous adds to the game structure of the title published by Devolver Digital a series of stealth mechanics thanks to which the protagonist can act in the shadows, break in doors, tamper with electrical systems and stealthily eliminate enemies. The opponents themselves are equipped with an artificial intelligence that allows them to identify the bodies of their companions and go hunting for the protagonist, not to mention the possibility of finding shelter during the firefights.

Before leaving you to the game trailer, which shows some gameplay sequences useful to better understand the mechanics, we remind you that Intravenous is already available on Steam and it is possible to buy it for a limited period of time at the discounted price of 10.79 euros, before it returns to its original cost of 11.99 euros on August 2, 2021.

Speaking of Splinter Cell, did you know that some of the Ubisoft series will be in the new shooter Tom Clancy’s XDefiant?