the monster of horror metroidvania arrives on PS4 and PlayStation 5

At the end of the year of exclusive time for PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch systems of the reverse horror Carrion, the original “metroidvania with the monster” by Phobia Game Studio finally arrives on PS4 in a version accessible in backwards compatibility also on PlayStation 5.

To celebrate the event, Devolver Digital publishes a video describing the playful experience of this unusual scrolling adventure, with pixel art graphics, which places fans of the genre in the disturbing role of an alien creature awakened in an underground laboratory.

The shape-shifting being to be interpreted in Carrion has to find a way out of the scientific installation by eating people to grow in size and multiply the strength of the tentacles that spring from its hideous mass of flesh organelles.

In full metroidvania style, Carrion adopts a non-linear progression system that allows enthusiasts to access ever new areas using the “sprawling skills” obtained by helping their monster to sow terror among scientists, soldiers and maintenance workers of the underground installation. .

To those who are only now approaching this title and want to play it on PS4 and PlayStation 5 taking advantage of the arrival on the PS Store, we refer you to our review of Carrion signed by Marco Mottura.