the mysterious Angrboda unveiled in an artwork

The PlayStation Showcase ended with one of the most anticipated titles for PS5 and PS4: God of War Ragnarok showed himself to the public through the first official trailer, offering a taste of both its gameplay and the narrative themes that will characterize the next, epic adventure of Kratos and his son Atreus.

The video also allowed us to take a look at the various characters who will be part of Ragnarok, between old acquaintances and new faces. Santa Monica Studios has in this regard released the official artwork of the various protagonists and antagonists that we will see in the future within the game: after seeing the appearance of Thor in God of War Ragnarok, another image allows us to take a look more attentive to Angrboda, the mysterious female figure who appeared in the last moments of the trailer. At the moment there are few details on this new character, also part of Norse mythology: Andrboda is a J├Âtunn, a giantess who had three children with Loki, namely the wolf Fenrir, the queen of the dead Hel and the monstrous Midgardsormen.

With this background it will be very interesting to better understand what role Ragnarok will have within God of War: in the last seconds of the trailer the girl introduces herself saying that “soon she will provide answers” on unspecified questions, which can be deduced may concern Atreuse the his connection with Loki. Waiting for more explanations on the plot and the characters of the new chapter, we remember that God of War Ragnarok concludes the Norse saga of Kratos.