the name change of the EA Sports game is increasingly likely

The situation linked to the diatribe between FIFA and Electronic Arts continues to evolve, which becomes increasingly heated and leaves room for few doubts about its conclusion.

Here are the latest statements from the ‘Fédération Internationale de Football Association’:

“FIFA is optimistic about its future in the gaming and esports industry due to a strategic market assessment related to gaming entertainment. It is clear that this space needs to be occupied by more than one company that controls the rights. “

Reading between the lines, it seems that the break is definitive and that there is little hope for a reconciliation. At this point it is highly unlikely that the next iteration of Electronic Arts football will be called FIFA 23 and the rumors about the title change could be more concrete than ever, making the transformation of FIFA 23 into EA Sports FC plausible.

In addition to the changes related to the next chapter of the EA game, it is very likely that something will move elsewhere as well, since FIFA has shown an interest in supporting other companies with its rights. There are those who argue that among the software houses that could grab the rights and create a competitor of the EA Sports game there is Epic Games, one of the few to be able to make such a large investment. In any case, the story is still in progress and we will have to wait for its evolution to find out what the next moves of the Federation and the giant of the video game world will be.