the new Action takes us to Borneo

The independent development scene, it is now widely known, is increasingly the bearer of interesting videogame productions, originating from every corner of the globe.

To these is now added the intriguing Project Buramato, provisional title of a new digital journey proposed by Ozysoft. The development team, already author of Pulang Insanity, has in fact published the first teaser trailer dedicated to the work. Described as an action adventure with platforming elements, Project Buramato is currently under construction, with the debut footage clearly specifying how the material shown is absolutely provisional.

With a setting of the semi-open world structure, the Indie will offer a minimal narrative, inspired by the traditional tales and legends of Borneo and strongly focused on the atmosphere. The world of Project Buramato, which in part of its declinations brings to mind Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will be populated by imposing mystical creatures. The gameplay aims to propose an amalgamation of dynamic shooter with fairy connotations, action and platform.

At the moment, there is no launch window for the action adventure, which aims for a publication on multiple platforms. For the moment, Ozysoft has however announced that a first playable version of Project Buramato will arrive on PC, via Steam, during the last quarter of 2022.