the new firmware makes it available on the TV speakers

With the start of the Beta phase of the PS5 firmware 2.0, details continue to be leaked on the net about this important update of the system software of Sony’s nextgen console. The latest news that emerged involves 3D Audio and its modes of use on TV.

In the long notes accompanying the firmware 2.0-04.00.00 currently in Beta testing “only” the possibility of installing external M.2 SSDs on PS5 emerges, but also a welcome improvement for those who, using the latest home platform of the technological giant Japanese, wants to access the advanced features of 3D Audio.

The new PS5 firmware in Beta offers the opportunity to activate 3D Audio through the TV speakers. To enable this function, just go to the new section integrated in the dashboard and recalled from the console by following the path Settings> Audio> Audio Output.

The integration of this feature is added to the option, also unprecedented and recalled from the PS5 interface, to use the microphone of the DualSense controller and measure the acoustics of your room: in this way, it is possible to optimize the experience offered by 3D Audio and calibrate it according to your needs.

The timing of the launch of the final version of the PS5 firmware 2.0 has not yet been communicated by Sony. In the meantime, we remind you that the new update also introduces support for 1080p streaming on PlayStation Now.