the new free update introduces sharks and submarines

Although it no longer enjoys the popularity it reached a few months ago thanks to streamers, Rust continues to update and has recently welcomed a substantial free update set underwater called Going Deep.

The expansion in question further expands the possibilities offered by the title in terms of gameplay and, for example, allows players to get a fishing rod or a harpoon to go fishing or hunting for sharks, predators that roam the waters and they can threaten the lives of survivors. Users with the most inflated in-game wallet can instead grab a small submarine capable of firing devastating torpedoes and with which to explore and maybe visit one of the underwater laboratories that are generated in a procedural way. By installing the latest update it is also possible to fix some minor problems related to the procedural generation of maps and the management of electrical devices.

Before leaving you to the trailer that shows all the news of the Going Deep update we remind you that on our pages you can find a special on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Rust, available only for a few weeks.