the new hotfix fixes a bug in the Sigrblot Festival

On July 29, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla entered a new chapter in its history by opening the doors to the Festival of Sigrblot, a limited-time event that brought new activities, missions and rewards to Ravensthorpe.

The Feast of Sigrblot introduced new repeatable activities such as “Heavy Metal” (which gives away the brand new One-Handed Sword), “War Games” and “A Singular Song”, and a series of missions such as “Three Big Little Pigs” and “War Effort” which sees the Vikings prepare for the raid season that will culminate with the landing in France in the new expansion “The Siege of Paris”, due out on 12 August.

The festival started on July 29, but not everything went well. While tackling the new activities, some players encountered an issue, which was immediately solved by Ubisoft with the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Hotfix on July 30: with a simple intervention on the servers, the developers fixed a bug that caused the depletion of foreign supplies during the “War Effort” mission, undermining its progression. To apply the hotfix you don’t need to download any patches: just start the game while an internet connection is active, nothing else! Now you can go back to your raids, the Feast of Sigrblot will continue until August 19th.