The new Hyundai Casper is a very small and irreverent SUV

Hyundai has just presented to the world an extremely compact SUV, with an interesting and cheeky style and modern conceptualization. It’s called Casper, and for the moment it will be marketed exclusively in South Korea.

In principle, the vehicle has the same dimensions as the Volkswagen UP, with a wheelbase of 2,400mm and an overall length of 3,595mm. On the other hand, it measures 1,595mm in width and 1575mm in height. It is basically a versatile cube on wheels, and it moves through a 1.0-liter MPI aspirated engine or a more powerful turbocharged T-GDI but still 1.0-liter. In this last configuration it adds sporty touches to the bodywork.

The keyword of the model is functionality. In fact, despite being extremely compact, the Casper is built for rear trunk accessibility and ease of loading onto the roof rack. The rear doors are set right on the wheel arches, while the handles to access them go to conceal themselves in the pillar.

The nose is cut horizontally in two by a black strip containing the lighting system and the logo, but a few centimeters below there is a large silver grille housing the fog lights at the side ends. On both the front and rear bumpers there is a bumper that gives an almost off-road aesthetic, even if we highly doubt the car’s qualities outside the asphalt surface.

In the end, the upcoming Casper is betting everything on space optimization and safety, and the executive vice president of the Hyundai design department, Sang-yeop Lee, commented as follows at the official reveal: “The Casper is a machine designed for all generations pursuing individuality and youthful sensitivity. “

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