the new image celebrates the friendship between the Senzaluce

FromSoftware publishes a new, evocative shot with a soulslike dimension of Elden Ring which sees the Senzaluce as protagonists to be played in the blockbuster action role and, with them, the dangerous scenarios to explore by entering the Interregnum.

Okay, the new postcard shared by the Japanese developers will certainly not have the charm of the image of the Elden Ring Animated Vase, but it certainly helps to clarify a decisive aspect of the gameplay experience: during the adventure, the collaboration between the heroes will be of fundamental importance in order not to succumb to the dangers that lurk in the Interregnum.

The unequivocal references to the Elden Ring cooperative can also be found in the message accompanying the new shot: “The friendship between the Senzaluce is a precious gift in this fierce land”. As explained in the past by the team directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the multiplayer mechanics of Elden Ring will be particularly deep and will include, for example, the ability to leave messages “in the style of Dark Souls” or to summon up to a maximum of two players online for explore the Interregnum together and fight its abominations.

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