the new Italian team specialized in the automotive genre is born

Initially born as a niche product, car simulations are increasingly making their way through the mainstream video game market. Thanks to projects such as Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, an ever-increasing number of players have become passionate about the simulation and realistic aspect of titles dedicated to four wheels.

The world of car simulations welcomes Flat Out Sim Racing, a new all-Italian development team that promises to give us great surprises over the next few years.

Flat Out SimRacing was born this year and has every intention of bringing up the name of the sport. Because yes, it is a question of sport since even the National Olympic Committee itself has recognized the discipline of Sim Racing among those eligible for registration in the National Register of Amateur Sports Associations and Societies.

The Founder of Flat Out SimRacing, Francesco Svelto, made things clear right from the start: “We want to convey a new, innovative message on the fact that Sim Racing is in fact a new sport in all respects and should be treated as such. So with all the honors and burdens that it entails. It would be nice that in addition to competing and having fun on the track with our opponents, we could integrate all the movement of the simulation with our coaching, technical dissemination and event organization activities. We will do our best, there is a long way to go but the prospects are attractive and stimulating! ยป.

Flat Out SimRacing has already attracted the attention of sponsors such as Pit Talk, 3DRap, and The hunger for victory is palpable when talking to any member of the team, you immediately understand that Flat Out SimRacing is here to make gamers and motorsport experts understand that Sim Racing exists and should be appreciated. Now we just have to wait for the announcements of the next races and follow them on the track.