the new patch partially solves the PC stuttering problem

Deathloop has arrived on the market and has been able to amaze with the original concept that the guys from Arkane Lyon have been able to propose with its new first-person action game. However, PC gamers faced an annoying glitch, which affected the overall performance of the title.

The stuttering that occurred at the launch of the game was due to the non-linear movement of the camera with respect to that of the mouse, however amplified by the possible refresh rate higher than 60 Hz or by the activation of the VRR. The issues related to these factors should now be gone with the release of hotfix 1.708.4.0.

This does not mean that the work is over for Arkane, which has already confirmed that it is further investigating to be able to stem another problem that occurs for those who play at particularly high framerates on PC.

“We are also looking at a separate but related issue that we have identified as a factor that could also be a cause of high framerate stuttering. We will provide further updates as more information is available.”

Deathloop is now available on PC and consoles exclusively on PlayStation 5. The groundbreaking Arkane Lyon title has won over UK audiences, where it debuted in first position. For all the insights on the Bethesda game, we refer you to our Deathloop review.