the new story trailer reveals the launch window

The speculations based on the clues disseminated by the actress Ella Balinska, in the end, proved to be founded: during the PlayStation Showcase Forspoken, an ambitious new production developed by Luminous Productions on behalf of Square Enix, returned to show itself.

The long trailer proposed by the Japanese developers serves as an introduction to the story: thanks to the numerous cutscene clips presented, it is possible to deepen the knowledge of the protagonist, Frey Holland, and discover many of the secondary characters. In any case, ample space has also been reserved for the sessions played, which offer a full-bodied taste of the numerous magical attacks that players will be able to unleash in combat.

The surprises did not end there, since the spring of 2022 was confirmed as the launch window for Forspoken at the end of the trailer. The game, we remember, is expected on PC and exclusively on PlayStation 5 console. After seeing the trailer, which we have attached at the beginning of the news, we advise you to read our latest preview of Forspoken to learn more.