the new survival sci-fi from the creator of DayZ has been postponed

Although the release date of Icarus had been confirmed on the occasion of the PC Gaming Show E3 2021, in the end the new title of Dean Hall, creator of DayZ, will not be able to arrive as planned for 11 August 2021.

The new survival sci-fi color developed by the New Zealand studio RocketWerkz is now scheduled for November 2021, and for the moment an even more precise date has not been announced regarding the debut of the expected free to play on PC via Steam. The developers explained in an update on the game’s Steam page the reason behind the postponement: “We have decided to postpone the launch of Icarus to November to make sure that the game is in top shape for our players”, is the official reason given. by RocketWerkz. Not all evils come to harm, however, given that the team announces a series of Beta Weekends starting from 28-29 August to then arrive at the last weekend set for 6 and 7 November 2021, one step away from the release. of the full game.

Each Beta Weekend will bring new features to the game, allowing developers to receive more feedback on each Icarus feature and refine it ahead of its debut later this year. Waiting to be able to get your hands on the first part of the Beta, you can view the intriguing trailer in live action of Icarus.