the new update restarts the trade

Pending the implementation of the New World server merger process, the Amazon Game Studios developers are continuing with post-launch support activities for the new MMO.

In particular, following the discovery of new exploits among the islands of Aeternum, the authors intervened to stem the phenomenon of cheats. Adventurers who illegitimately exploited New World bugs to duplicate in-game resources and money were severely punished by the team. Overall, Amazon Game Studios say, over 1,200 players have received a permanent ban and as a result will no longer be able to join the MMO community. At the same time, the objects generated by the cheaters have been removed from the game world, for a portion that the developers indicate as corresponding to approximately 80% of all goods duplicated in New World through fraudulent procedures.

In announcing the milestone, Amazon Game Studios have also made available a new update of New World. The update, already available, has restored all commercial activities, from which only decorative objects for homes remain for the moment. The patch also fixes a bug causing some players to freeze, who can now return to venture freely within the confines of Aeternum.