the new video reveals the launch date!

The new Pokemon Unite video announces the official launch date on Nintendo Switch of the highly anticipated free MOBA from Tencent and TiMi Studio set in the fantasy dimension shaped by The Pokemon Company.

The latest trailer packaged by the TiMi studio alternates scenes in computer graphics with pieces of gameplay to summarize the experience to be lived in the shoes of Pokemon Unite Trainers. The new strategy game focuses on 5v5 team challenges to create particularly intense battles.

In each battle, the rules of engagement provide for the capture of as many wild Pokemon as possible and their evolution: in each match, the victory will be awarded to the Trainers who will be able to accumulate the highest number of points before time runs out. The game ecosystem developed by the authors of Unite thus provides for the implementation of deep and immediate team tactics at the same time, with always different challenges based on the context, the creatures captured and the strategies implemented by the teams that will compete for the victory.

Without further ado, we leave you in the company of the new Pokemon Unite video and we inform you that Tencent’s new free MOBA will be available on Nintendo Switch from 21 July: at least initially, the title will not be available in Italian, but the guys from TiMi Studio undertake to integrate the Italian translation into the contents foreseen in the post-launch phase.

The version for mobile systems of Pokemon Unite, on the other hand, continues to be scheduled for the month of September, also with the free-to-start formula. To learn more about the title, here is a video with 30 minutes of Pokemon Unite gameplay on Switch.