the news of the multiplayer Beta, the playtest could be postponed

As promised, 343 Industries held a new livestream with which it showed the news coming within the new Multiplayer Tech Preview, which should be held from tomorrow, Thursday 23 September, to Sunday 26 September.

We use the conditional as the same 343 Industries has made us point out that the playtest could undergo a small delay. The software house advised to keep an eye on the Halo Waypoint portal to stay constantly updated on any postponement of the start date of the multiplayer test.

Moving on to the contents shown (visible in the videos published by and Gamespot), the studio first focused on the bots and how they have been improved to allow an even more useful and multifaceted access route to the players who look out for the first time to the title, or just want to work on their skills. Later other topics were addressed, including the operation of the Loot Cave, which will be used to collect weapons and equipment in Big Time Battle mode, and some new weapons including the devastating Shock Rifle. In the new test phase, the Training mode will be introduced, which the developers have shown us by moving in an unprecedented map that will soon be added to those already present in the first session.

Following, a match played in Capture the Flag mode was shown, which will therefore be proposed in this new test session, and confirmed the arrival of the Total Control mode, in which the teams will have the task of simultaneously capturing all three areas of the match.

The main objective of the new Preview of Halo Infinite multiplayer will be to test the stability of the servers: for this reason 343 Industries will send a second wave of invitations with which even more players can participate in the Preview at a later time. We refer you to our in-depth analysis of Halo Infinite multiplayer for all the other details on the shooter expected to launch on December 8 on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.