the numbers of success in game streaming

The Vice President and Head Product of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Catherine Gluckstein, takes a cue from the arrival of Fortnite on Cloud Gaming to celebrate the success of Microsoft’s in-game streaming platform and rattle off a whole series of data, starting with the popularity of Flight Simulator .

From the pages of Xbox Wire, the senior executive of the Xbox cloud division underlines that the ecosystem “on the cloud” prepared by the Redmond house includes over 350 video games, a list that never stops growing thanks also to the interest shown by the over 10 million Xbox Cloud Gaming users.

As Gluckstein herself explains, the great popularity of the service is not only based on the amount of games accessible but also on the fact that “our offer also extends to the most intensive video games and makes it possible to play video games of the current generation on platforms such as Xbox One. via the cloud. A great example of this is offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator. “

According to the Microsoft executive, since the arrival of Flight Simulator on Xbox Cloud Gaming, the blockbuster plane of Asobo Studio and Xbox Game Studios Publishing has captured the attention of users of the service, quickly becoming the most played “on cloud” title in streaming on smartphones, tablets, PCs and consoles during the month of March.

Catherine Gluckstein also notes Microsoft’s commitment to making more free-to-play titles accessible on Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future. The goal set by the American technological giant is to expand its user base and, for this reason, the executive of the Xbox cloud division is pleased to see how users have used 6,000 types of devices to connect to servers. Through Xbox Cloud Gaming, Gluckstein always reports, users discover almost double the video games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog than other subscribers, thanks to the implementation of touchscreen controls and, of course, the possibility of trying the titles in question without necessarily having to. download to PC, Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S.