the Open Beta starts on PS5 on September 16, the details

Having already been released on PC in July, Hell Let Loose is preparing to debut on consoles in October. The war shooter set during the Second World War will be able to be tested firsthand by PlayStation 5 players thanks to the upcoming Open Beta phase.

The Battle of the Hürtgen Forest will take place between September 16-20 during the Hell Let Loose open beta, exclusively on PlayStation 5. The beta allows you to play in one of the modes to be launched next month, Warfare, which provides for the occupation of half the map by each of the two sides. From then on, they will have to fend off their opponents and grab enemy territory until they have reached their base or occupied more ground before time runs out. As the two sides of 50 players fight between ditches, shelters and trenches in every inch of territory, communication will be essential to ensure an advantage and, ultimately, victory. Hell Let Loose is not an experience based on the kill / death ratio, but on teamwork and communication.

The Hell Let Loose experience will be amplified thanks to the PlayStation 5’s exclusive DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headset functionality, which will make the game even more immersive.

Hell Let Loose, already available on PC, will arrive on Playsation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on October 5th. According to user speculation, the shooter could arrive for free in next month’s PS Plus lineup. For more information on the title, we refer you to our review of Hell Let Loose for PC.