the opening sequence of the free Battle Royale

After announcing the launch date, Square-Enix publishes the spectacular opening sequence made in CGI dedicated to Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, the Battle Royale set in the universe of the iconic JRPG.

The movie, as usual with a strong scenic impact, takes us back in time, more precisely 30 years before the events narrated in the course of Final Fantasy VII. In the Midgar of the past, we will play the role of a Soldier candidate intent on joining the eponymous group of elite militaries. To triumph over the bestial creatures and fierce enemy soldiers, it will be essential to be able to collaborate effectively with your team.
As specified by Tetsuya Nomura, Square-Enix hopes that the Battle Royale nature of the production will prove capable of attracting new types of players to the Final Fantasy franchise, especially those from other experiences focused on online multiplayer.

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be available as free-to-play (with in-game microtransactions) on iOS and Android devices starting from November 17th. A previous trailer for the game featured motorcycles and Chocobo. To further apprpfondire the title by Square-Enix, we refer you to our Preview of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.