the party game about rescuers is shown in the gameplay video

The developers of TAG Studio show in video the gameplay of Rescue Party Live, a multiplayer experience to be lived wearing the role of rescuers to engage in a series of challenges within a cooperative and competitive dimension.

The title will try to carve out a space in the increasingly fierce trend of party games with a top-down view that already has members of the caliber of Overcooked, Moving Out and Tools Up. In Rescue Party Live it will therefore be possible to answer emergency calls and rescue civilians by wearing the virtual clothes of firefighters, reporters, lifeguards, doctors, guide dogs, ambulance workers and the like.

The challenges to be faced will be many, all oriented to the rescue of people in difficulty: the playful context will therefore change according to the selected map and the mission to be completed, both in single and multiplayer (both online and locally) between earthquakes, floods , fires, avalanches and biological hazards.

The solving of the puzzles will pass through the analysis of the environment, the collection of information and, above all, the planning of the moves to be agreed with the other members of your team composed of up to 4 players per lobby. The launch of Rescue Party Live! is scheduled for fall of this year on PC (Steam).