the patent describes the advanced functionalities of the trackpads

Despite having denied the presence of hidden hardware functions in Steam Deck, Valve could reserve several surprises for those who buy the portable console. In one of the many patents filed for the Deck, the American company describes, for example, the advanced capabilities of the trackpad.

In the documentation filed by the representatives of the company led by Gabe Newell, in fact, there is a section that lists all the most advanced features of the controller and of the input systems integrated in the hybrid console.

According to reports from the patent that emerged on the net, the Steam Deck trackpads will be equipped with sensors capable of detecting the exact amount of force exerted by users with finger pressure. Deck’s “sensitive” trackpad detection system described by Valve’s patent, if confirmed among the functions available since the launch models of the portable mini-PC, should offer users unprecedented gameplay solutions.

Furthermore, in the Valve patent, the variable inputs based on the pressure to be exerted on the trackpads are listed among the control customization options, with profiles to be set for each video game and a menu to calibrate the sensitivity level that best suits your needs.

While waiting to find out if the technologies described in Valve’s patent will be integrated on all models of the hybrid platform or not, we invite you to read our special on Steam Deck, the PC that plays console.