the PC Demo of the action with the dieselpunk rabbit is on Steam

Having concluded the necessary celebrations for reaching the Gold phase of FIST Forged in Shadow Torch on PS4 and PlayStation 5, the Clayton rabbit is back in action on PC. The Demo of TiGames’ ambitious sci-fi action platformer is in fact available on Steam.

Those who want to fight the Legion of Machines with Clayton’s dieselpunk fist, therefore, can take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Chinese software house and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Forged in Shadow Torch by downloading the Demo recently landed on Steam.

The demo version grants access to one of the many areas in which the FIST free roaming map will be divided, with platform sessions alternating with action situations inspired by the sliding shooters of the 90s. The anthropomorphic rodent to be interpreted will have to wage a solitary war against the evil forces of the Legion who have dared to kidnap his closest friend.

To get the better of the cyber bosses unleashed by the Legion, the brave Clayton will be able to take advantage of a whole series of grafts to enhance his mechanical arm, as well as devices to multiply his physical abilities. The launch in the West of FIST Forged in Shadow Torch is scheduled for September 7 on PS4 and PS5: the release date of the PC transposition, however, continues to be wrapped up by the “TBA”.