the PC version is shown in a new gameplay movie

In a completely unexpected way, the DokeV development team has released a new video that allows you to take a brief look at the gameplay of the PC version of the colorful Pokémon-like.

About halfway through the video that you find at the opening of the news, unfortunately all in Korean, it is possible to see the game in motion thanks to a sequence recorded off screen. In the video in question you can see the protagonist in action within what appears to be an area in which to train: here the possibility of using weapons is highlighted as in a common shooter with a camera behind the character, who uses a kind of rocket launcher. Afterwards, some exploration is shown which allows you to discover new areas of the freely walkable map and, more importantly, the day / night cycle with all the lights of the harbor lighting up as the sun goes down.

Before leaving you to the video available on YouTube, we remind you that on our pages you can find a preview of DokeV by Michelangelo Casto. Did you know that, according to the words of the developers of Pearl Abyss, only a tenth of the map was shown in the DokeV announcement trailer?

For the uninitiated, the team working on DokeV is the same one that is also developing Crimson Desert.