the premium mod SADX distorts the graphics, here is the video

The content creator and independent programmer known as “Makarus” announces with a video the publication of the Beta of SADX (or SA_DirectX), a premium mod that disrupts and updates the graphics sector of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC.

Version 3.0 of SADX integrates a whole series of improvements and optimizations to the Beta of this mod which, for the moment, can only be downloaded through participation in the crowdfunding campaign started on Patreon in Makarus. The modder himself, however, has already expressed his intention to propose this fan-made expansion in the future completely free of charge once the development is completed.

The trailer packaged by the independent programmer allows us to appreciate the additions made by the Beta 3.0 of SA_DirectX, such as SSR reflections, volumetric clouds, raindrops and a plethora of particle and post-processing effects such as GodRays and SSAO.

Being a mere graphic mod, the Russian developer believes that the danger of an intervention by Take-Two should be averted: to be honest, the modders of the collective that was developing GTA Underground were also of the same opinion, only to see each other later. forced to pull the plug on their ambitious fan made project to avoid legal disputes with the North American publisher and developer.