‘the price is not calibrated for each region’

With the entry of PlayStation 5 on the Chinese market, the progressive expansion of Sony’s gaming sector advances, in the direction of an increasing number of areas of the world.

The chronic shortage of stocks that still plagues the new generation hardware, however, continues to prevent part of the community from securing the new console. To slow down the spread of PlayStation 5, at least in certain geographical areas, however, is also the list price of the hardware. A circumstance that has been acknowledged by Cory Barlog, Game Director of Santa Monica, currently working on the highly anticipated God of War 2.

The consideration emerged from a concise exchange on Twitter. From his own account, Cory Barlog specifically expressed the following consideration: “Video games are for everyone, at least in the world I would like to live in”. A reflection that saw the intervention of an enthusiast, who put a relevant topic on the table, highlighting how the videogame passion is not always within the reach of all budgets.

Particularly extreme is the Brazilian case, cited by the player and which sees a PlayStation 5 cost five times as much as a minimum monthly salary in the country. A consideration shared by Balrog: “It is madness that they cost so much, – he writes – and that the price is not calibrated according to the regions of the world”.