the problem has been reduced, assures the president

Probably the only drawback of a success story that has lasted for 4 and a half years, the Joy-Con Drift problem still plagues many Nintendo Switch owners. Despite numerous complaints, refund requests, class-actions and press attention, the Kyoto house has not yet been able to completely eliminate the problem.

However, during an interview with The Verge, the president of the American division Doug Bowser pointed out that the engineers and technicians of his company have made many strides since the console and its peculiar controllers were launched in the ‘ far away 2017. Consequently, the newer units should be less predisposed to manifest the problem of drifting.

“During the first four and a half years of the Nintendo Switch’s life, we monitored gameplay, observed defective units that were returned by people, and made continuous improvements to the Joy-Con in its entirety, including the analog sticks. latest version, Nintendo Switch OLED, has the same updated analog stick now also available on the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, “Bowser said.

Words that are coupled with the statements of the Technology Development Division, which last month explained that, although it is impossible to completely eliminate the problem (being triggered by the wear of the materials), the technical updates of all the Joy-Con shipped on the market in recent times should significantly reduce the onset of drifting. The first changes were found already last July in the branded Joy-Con of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.