the promotion brought millions of users to the platform

It seems that not a day is passing without new background on Epic Games and the other giants of the videogame industry emerge thanks to the documents related to the cause that sees the creators of Fortnite oppose Apple. This time we talk about the free games on the Epic store and the benefits received in giving GTA 5 to everyone.

As you well know, it’s been about two years that the Fortnite Chapter 2 authors’ client has been donating one or more products to all users who have an account on a weekly basis. Among the most popular products that have been distributed for free we obviously find Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition, which seems to have significantly contributed to getting new users to the platform. According to the information that emerged from the legal dispute between Apple and Epic, in fact, more than seven million new accounts were created in that week with the sole aim of redeeming the free copy of GTA 5. This is an incredible result, especially if we consider that Grand Theft Auto 5 has recently exceeded 150 million copies sold and is therefore in the physical or digital library of a large number of gamers around the world.

We remind you that the Rockstar Games title is one of the few able to attract so many users and, according to some data that emerged only recently, it seems that GTA 5 has grossed more than a billion dollars in 2020 alone.