the Realtime Experience patch ‘arrives in a few hours’, says Blue Box

From the pages of the official website of Blue Box Game Studios, the software house directed by Hasan Kahraman provides an important (and hopefully true) update on the timing of the release of the patch for the Realtime Experience and the Abandoned teaser.

The update in question, shared directly on the main page of the BB Studios site with a flashy green banner, confirms that “the problem has been solved. The patch will be available in a few hours”.

Simultaneously with the publication of these (albeit sparse) explanations on the official website of the authors of Abandoned, the heads of the social channels of BB Studios have taken steps to remove all the posts in which they provided information on the status of the work of the patch in question. Consequently, we do not really know if the message spread on the site should be interpreted as yet another cryptic post on Abandoned or if, on the contrary, it is really the prelude to the arrival of the patch that will solve the graphic glitch of The Realtime app. Experience on PS5.

In recent days, the jumble of indiscretions and theories on the “real nature” of this enigmatic first-person horror have lapped Hideo Kojima’s social networks with a cryptic horror poster that, as easily understood, led many to look to the Japanese master like the real mastermind behind the Abandoned soap opera.