the release on PC, iOS and Android postpones to 2022

The representatives of The Pokemon Company look out on social media to confirm their decision to postpone the release of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live on PC and iOS and Android mobile systems to next year.

The reasons given by the videogame giant, as often happens in these cases, are generic and do not provide detailed clarifications on the problems or the actual difficulties encountered in respecting the announced launch times.

The tweet released by The Pokemon Company explains that “to offer Trainers a more refined experience, the launch of the TGC Pokemon Live mobile app has been moved to 2022, as well as the start of the Open Beta phase scheduled for application on desktop PC. We will soon share all the details on the new launch period for mobile systems and on the start of the tests on PC of Pokemon TCG Live “.

The new version of the Pokémon trading card game, therefore, will wait a few more months, and with it all the new features and updates promised by the developers to improve the experience to be offered to Trainers around the world. In its final version, the title will be offered on iOS, Android and PC with the free-to-play formula, with localization in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

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