the remake of the sci-fi FPS is reviewed in a long gameplay trailer

The guys at Nightdive Studios are releasing a System Shock “teaserone” with seven minutes of unreleased gameplay scenes taken from the most recent build of their eagerly awaited makeover for PC and consoles of the current and past generation.

The new trailer ideally takes us back to the narrow corridors of the Citadel space station to let us explore the area of ​​the research labs. After the delay caused by the transition to a new graphics engine (from the previous Unity to the current Unreal Engine 4), the next version of the sci-fi masterpiece signed by Stephen Kick promises to reconcile with long-time fans and, of course, to expand your audience.

To succeed in the enterprise, the US team gave way to fans of the genre to download the System Shock demo to let them try the gameplay dynamics between scenario exploration, fighting and progression of equipment elements. In spite of the terminology used by Nightdive to share this video, the new System Shock “teaser” goes precisely in the direction indicated by the authors following Kick and allows us to familiarize ourselves with the narrative, playful and artistic experience of this project, the which launch is scheduled for this summer on PC and later on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.